HMMS Broadside


Day 328

Personal Journal Serene Falk:SFalk

Captain HMMS Broadside

  • Mission parameter – Hunting Ghosts
  • Classification Secret – Captains eyes only

It took a further eleven hours for my newly grown limbs to settle, as although flesh and bone were relatively easy to grow. The rest of my system had to catch up and form the neural synapses and connections that ensured I could use these new additions. During that time, I took the opportunity to look in on Taren and to my relief found him sitting up in his sick bay cot scrolling through what looked like old deep space journals.

Looking at me through the precise three-dimensional holopage that hung just in front of him, he cracked a smile.

“Good to see you got your arm back Captain”

I was about to respond with a suitable quip and tell him that I thought he was milking the entire sick bay visit and that he should be back on the bridge. When without warning our eyes connected and the shared horror of what we experienced in the corridor and the pain of Lar Shei’s death washed over both of us like an emotional tsunami Bowing our heads in respect we allowed the silence to honor her passing, then like her fleeting spirit the moment passed and like every soldier in every war ever fought, we pushed aside our grief and allowed the pain of loss to propel us forward toward whatever end was before us.

Taren’s vertical eyelids parted and wiping his eyes, he cleared his throat.

“Captain as I have been lying here, it occurred to me to scan the historical records to see if there has been any contact this far out in the void. And I found this”

The holopage shifted focus to an article written forty-three years ago by the chief officer on board a merchant sloop that inadvertently strayed into what was then uncharted space after its NavCom glitched. According to the article Chief officer Ernst Abram swears he caught a glimpse of a massive battleship submerging into what looked like some sort of inter dimensional gateway. At the time his report was filed under “Void Induced Psychosis”, or what is more commonly known in spacer speak as scared shitless out on the edge of the nothing.

“But the thing is Captain the coordinates of this sighting are approximately three light years from where we first made contact with the battleship”.

Grasping the holo image in my hand, I called up Bonnie and Clyde the Nav Ai’s and threw the image at them.

“Plot me a course and no bullshit”

Bonnie was as always, the first to respond.

“Coordinates laid in Captain” then Clyde her paranoid balancing twin piped up

“Captain what Bonnie has failed to tell you is that this location is close to the subspace fissure Exon Agis 33. For information Captain and without appearing rude, this subspace fissure does not exit into another location like others but is purely is a Star crusher of the highest magnitude.

“Thank you, Clyde your warning is duly noted, however please set the course as requested”

“Yes Captain”

Only nothing happened.

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