HMMS Broadside

Day 325 Amended

Personal Journal Serene Falk:
Captain HMMS Broadside

  • Mission parameter – Hunting Ghosts
  • Classification Secret – Captains eyes onlySFalk

Amended Log – Authorisation S Falk Captain Broadside 2203203

I am adding this amendment to ensure that whoever finds these journals will understand the Broadsides actions from this point. All actions from the 3rd of March 2203 are on my Authority and are categorically my responsibility. No responsibility will be borne by the crew and that as my subordinates they were under my orders alone.

It was difficult to estimate how long myself and Tarren had lain there before the support crews found us. But before conscious left me I remember cradling Lar Shei’s dead body, like some sort of protective wolf mother and refusing to let go. Looking back now it’s clear, that there on the corridor floor something finally broke in me. It would have been reasonable to accept that the isolation and destruction of our fellow ships combined with the weight of horror we had all witnessed and endured was sufficient cause. But I had suffered hardship and loss before and in a sense, it was what I had been trained for. No, what actually broke through the shield of my training and discipline was what I saw in those final moments when I was close enough to look deep into the blood red eyes of that dark alien creature.

If you are reading this, I could describe this experience but what you would miss is the context and a common frame of reference. Context is pretty easy and from the logs you can probably get the gist of what we have been going through out here but as for a frame of reference. I can only come at it from that of an evolved mind that falls under the constant tension of good and evil. Which in itself forms a point of balance. As mankind we have seen the tension of balance repeated in every civilization we have so far encountered, it is a common ground and one that has led us to pursue peace and enlightenment across most of the Near Galaxy.

But as I stared into those eyes I realised that there was no tension of balance between good and evil and the moral spiritual compass that frames our civilisations common understanding was altogether missing. All that existed there was just a singular evil and a wanton need to destroy everything that didn’t reflect its state of complete darkness. There was no light in that soul, and it was this pure revelation combined with the weight of horror we had born witness to. That burrowed deep into my heart and soul and broke the last fragments of restraint that I possessed. I would like to say that I fought and resisted the wave of anger and hatred that exploded out of me but no, instead I relished the heat and let it run through me like wild fire. I rode the madness and let it fuel me because then, as now I have no doubt that should that creature’s world ever collide with ours. Mankind and the Near Galaxy would suffer a massacre on a catastrophic scale that could well signal the end for all of us.

Day 326

Personal Journal Serene Falk:
Captain HMMS Broadside

  • Mission parameter – Hunting GhostsSFalk
  • Classification Secret – Captains eyes only

Lost Innocence. Much to the ship’s surgeons dismay I made my first attempt at checking myself out of the infirmary more or less as soon as I came around from the heavy sedation I had been placed under when they found me cradling the dead body of Lar Shei. It was difficult to judge how long I had been out but clearly not long enough for the sore bones and as I unsteadily made my way toward the bulkhead door trailing IV lines and monitor wires in my wake. I felt a pin prick at the top of my buttock that was carelessly exposing itself through the back opening of flimsy hospital gown. Then a sense of falling and blessed darkness.

Waking again it was evident that some sort of alarm must have been placed on my cot because as soon as my eyes cracked open, I found myself staring into the beautiful violet eyes of Ca Boras the ships surgeon. Through the fur of a sleep filled mouth I finally managed to get my words together.

“Doc, Ca I need to get up. It important they will kill us all”

Struggling to raise myself, I felt the pressure of Ca’s hand burning through my gown as she gently pushed me back down into the cot.

“No Captain, you are under my orders here and I will tell you when you can get up. Your arm and wrist are near reconstruction and I am guessing you will want that to complete judging from what you have been saying in your sleep. Don’t worry you will be the first to know when I think you are fit for service” I felt the heat of her hand on my brow this time and fell back into a deep sleep as the Autonomous Micropaire, or mini surgeons as I called them repaired and rebuilt my body. AM was clever stuff but uncomfortable as hell as it knitted and re-arranged your innards back to its optimum gene pattern, so maybe sleep was not such a bad idea.

When I finally awoke the third time, all the grogginess and weakness that I had experienced before was gone and I actually felt more rested and refreshed than I had in a long time. As I sat examining my wrist and hand and trying to work out which bits were new. I noticed Ca Boras smiling quizzically at me in the way Venusians do when they consider Earthers.

“I wouldn’t bother Captain we had to regrow your arm from the elbow down, it really was in a poor state and not worth saving”.

Still testing it out to see if my new additions worked as they should Ca slid across the white pristine surface of the infirmary room on her grav chair and gently bumped the edge of my cot. Beaming quizzically and pointing to my new limbs. She seemed very proud of her work.

“I am artist, am I not, but of course bones and flesh are relatively easy to repair”

Cutting my testing and prodding short I looked up. As a rule, I had a lot of time for Venusians as in their favour they were honest, extremely intelligent and loyal to the bone. Only they were also empowered with far more than their fair share of empathic abilities. Thus, when Ca looked at me with those violet eyes, I knew she was seeing not only seeing my flesh and blood but taking a tour around my soul. Which made lying pretty much impossible.

“Honestly Ca, what I witnessed earlier scared the life out of me”

Regarding me passively Ca tilted her head waiting for me to continue

“OK, it wasn’t just the carnage and death in the corridor, that thing got into my head. It was evil Ca, not a morsel of light or goodness anywhere and whatever we do I am going to make sure we destroy it and warn the Near Galaxy of what we have found. Those creatures and their kind cannot and must not cross into civilized space.

Sitting back Ca regarded me for some moments, then lent forward

“Evil begets evil Captain as does killing, are you certain this is the course we wish to take?”

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