HMMS Broadside

The Lost Journal Series [Part of the Near Galaxy Saga]


Day 320 – continued

Personal Journal Serene Falk:

Captain HMMS Broadside

  • Mission parameter – Hunting Ghosts
  • Classification Secret – Captains eyes only

As our enemies returned, their approach was covered by a preceding storm of blue lightening that flashed from craft to craft rendering our auto targeting systems and defense drones useless. Fortunately, the crew of the Broadside were no longer the fresh-faced gaggle of rookie cadets they had been eighteen months ago. The brutal trip across the Near Galaxy, that had seen the loss of our three sister ships had seen to that. Consequently, as the auto systems failed the gunners threw off their VR headsets and switched to manual fire. This caught our enemy off guard, suggesting that they may be an automated or mechanised fleet more used to dealing with Ai and Sims as opposed to the un-logical agility of a bio mind.

The words of my Father, possibly one of the greatest military strategists of the Echelon came to mind, “As Wars are won by the coalition of victories battles. Battles themselves are won by the coalition of small victories”. Whatever edge you have in battle, use it and make every victory Our manual targeting tore down the first wave of attacking craft, white brilliance bathing the black, it’s invisible neutron partner still trying to fry our sensors. Only this time we were better prepared. The heavy polarising screens over the view ports saving our sight, whilst energy burst filters were ramped to maximum across the sensor array.

Then it became apparent, that this was not just a small auto skirmishing force, as behind the disintegrating flash of fighters a large ghostly shape began to emerge from the darkness. The ships mass and size coalesced to solidity as the shroud of ion mist generated from its transit through a black hole singularity started to dissipate. The scale of the craft then became obvious. This was no small corvette or cruiser, it was a Battleship the size of which dwarfed the Broadside twenty-fold.


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