HMMS Broadside

The Lost Journal Series [Part of the Near Galaxy Saga]


Day 320

Personal Journal Serene Falk:

Captain HMMS Broadside

  • Mission parameter – Hunting Ghosts
  • Classification Secret – Captains eyes only

They came in fast, in fact so fast that the first indication that we were under attack was the thud and whine of the repulsers re charging after taking a hit. The auto cannons barely had time to respond, for their most part hitting only empty space and vapor trails. Surprisingly though, the aft cannons were set to respond to thermal not radar imaging and hit something. The darkness of deep space, momentarily driven back by an explosion so incandescent. That it left white tracks across my eyes and that of the bridge crew. The Broadsides sensor array also took a virtual hit and saturated, overloaded by a neutron wave that could have only come from the attacking crafts imploding star drive. Reacting on pure instinct, with the gut knowledge that what we had just suffered felt like a preliminary strafing pass designed to test our metal. I screamed orders at the Nav Ai’s.

“Helm hard over, engines to full.”

Broadside lurched, her engines thundering to life as the bridge crew clung onto the Grav straps. In another time G straps for short had other far more welcoming connotations than fighting for your life. “Dam the long months in space” I had been away from a normal life too long.

The manoeuvre should in theory have put us beam onto our enemy, displaying the smallest profile whilst ensuring our big guns had the opportunity to do their work. In the moments of live combat, seconds turn into minutes and minutes feel like hours. Consequently, the enemies next move seemed like days. Providing almost the exact psychological period of time for the crew to lose their adrenaline high. This in itself added to my growing belief that we weren’t fighting Ghosts but something else far more aware of the strengths and weakness of the human frame.

Ghosts just didn’t care. Eventually though our enemy returned.



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