Silently the doorway opened and darkness slipped into the room. Did anyone know, was this even possible ? Something was wrong.The gliders and cherubs had seen nothing. No this wasn’t happening, but the chill that invaded Michaels senses spoke otherwise  


Jessica watched the compound night lights fade as dawn rose over the Bearing Peninsula. What was the name of the song in head, la la love divine be mine. It was driving her crazy


Pressing publish Michael prayed that someone would sing. My silent love sweet grace of life , return to me, set homeward bound. How long to bear, this weight of time come home to me my love devine.


Michael started the song for the next post, and raising his voice the melody formed the words. Hours past and sweat-bound he looked at the meagre lines and wondered how his father had managed an entire book.


It was only a matter of time, eventually the will would fail and the secrets that had held mankind together since the making would be revealed. Deep in the earth a cry was heard.


Michael carefully checked through the 859 responses to his post. Nothing, not a single song. With a sigh he closed the page knowing he would do it all again tomorrow.


This is how it started, a simple post and message of love that changed everything. At last the yearning was making itself known to a world clothed ashes