HMMS Broadside

Day 328

Personal Journal Serene Falk:

Captain HMMS Broadside

  • Mission parameter – Hunting Ghosts
  • Classification Secret – Captains eyes onlySFalk

As we fell locked together, I landed across the creatures chest and heard the broken rasp of its wrecked lungs where the charge of my pistol had taken its toll. Feeling the grip of the mandible loosen slightly around my wrist and with the aid of my own blood as a lubricant I gradually got myself free. Throwing myself away from the creature I could already feel the pressure of power building about me. It was like the darkness and the creature were symbiont and as life and control ebbed from the creature so the stability of the very atmosphere around me was starting to change. The darkness that had invaded this part of the ship was pulsing, and veins of electricity flashed and arced before grounding themselves against the ship structure. One finger of power tore toward me and with what little strength I had left I barely managed to role to one side. I felt the magma heat flash as it passed by my face and watched as it poured itself into the creature. The creature screamed and unbelievably got to its knees before another tendril of power ran it through from behind illuminating it in a strange transparency. For a moment there was silence then falling forward the lifeless corpse of the creature thudded against the floor, whilst in the same instance I felt myself caught in a hurricane as the darkness rushed back into the creature. Then what I can only describe as an implosion of force began to crush the dead form of the creature compressing it into an ever-reducing point of darkness.

Then there was nothing, the creature had gone. For some moments I lay there stunned by what had just taken place and realised that instead of being surrounded by thick darkness I was now lying in a perfectly lit corridor. Behind me I could hear Tarren groaning, so dutifully obeying the first laws of patient triage I ignored him and pulled myself across to where the still silent body of Lar Shei lay. Immediately I could see the obtuse rag dog angle of her limbs and a thin stream of blood from her mouth and nostrils that had pooled like a halo around her head. With my one good hand I gently felt for a pulse, but I already knew the answer as I touched the cold of her flesh.

Day 328 Amended 

Personal Journal Serene Falk:

Captain HMMS Broadside

  • Mission parameter – Hunting Ghosts
  • Classification Secret – Captains eyes only

 Amended Log – Authorisation S Falk Captain Broadside 2203203

I am adding this amendment to ensure that whoever finds these journals will understand the Broadsides actions from this point. All actions from the 3rd of March 2203 are on my Authority and are categorically my responsibility. No responsibility will be borne by the crew and that as my subordinates they were under my orders alone.

It was difficult to estimate how long myself and Tarren had lain there before the support crews found us. But before conscious left me I remember cradling Lar Shei’s dead body like some sort of protective mother wolf and refusing to let go. Looking back now it’s clear, that there on the corridor floor something finally broke in me. It could have been the recent events, the isolation and destruction of our fellow ships or just the weight of all the horror that we had all witnessed. I have no doubt these were all contributing facts. Only in those final moments before I pulled the trigger and was close enough to look deep into the blood red eyes of that dark alien creature.

I instantly understood what is was and its singular purpose.

For anyone reading this, gut recognition and understanding is one thing but describing it is another matter. As to mean anything and have any relevance my description needs context and a common point of reference. Context was circumstantial and from the logs you can probably get the gist of what we have been going through but as for a reference point. I can only come at it from that of an evolved mind that falls under the constant tension of good and evil. Which in itself forms a point of balance. As mankind we have seen the tension of balance repeated in every civilisation we have so far encountered, it is a common ground and one that has led us to pursue peace and enlightenment across most of the Near Galaxy.

But in depths of that dark alien creatures’ eyes I realised that there was no tension of balance between good and evil and the moral spiritual compass that frames our civilisations common understanding was altogether missing. All existed there was just a singular evil and a wanton need to destroy everything that didn’t reflect its state of complete darkness. There was no light in that soul, and it was this pure knowledge and the weight of horror we had seen. That like a hot knife through butter burrowed deep into my heart and soul and broke the last fragments of restraint that I possessed. I would like to say that I fought and resisted the wave of anger and hatred that exploded out of me but no. I let it run through me like fire as I had no doubt that should this creature’s world ever collide with ours, it would massacre on a catastrophic scale that could well signal the end of humanity

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