HMMS Broadside

Day 327

Personal Journal Serene Falk:


Captain HMMS Broadside

  • Mission parameter – Hunting Ghosts
  • Classification Secret – Captains eyes only

On all fours Taren closed the distance in a heartbeat but Lar Shei her form blurring even in the density of the darkness reached the creature first. Still intent on its weaving and the building matrix of fire trailing from its hands, confident in the security of its position as apex predator the creature never foresaw the attack that sped toward it. In a perfect arc Lar Shei’s Katana slipped through the darkness it’s edge turning to fire as the atmosphere resisted its travel and struck one of the creatures clawed mandibles. Lightening exploded outward engulfing Lar Shei and the creature, the force of which threw Lar Shei outward toward the horizon of the darkness where she lay still and broken. In the same instant the lightening hit the creature making it stagger backward, a guttural scream of pain coming from its serrated beak as the cauterized stump of it’s severed mandible oozed black blood.

Still dazed by the explosion, the creature was just recovering its balance. When moving like an armored rhinoceros Taren hit it square on and raked the metal tipped claws that I had so often wondered about down the exposed trunk of the creature leaving dark openings in the creature’s flesh.

Now in a full retreat the creature moved with surprising agility as it parried Taren’s next strike and catching him in the side with a cruel blow sent Taren skittering out across the floor. Holstering my useless phase pistol, I pulled the long blade from my boot and pushed what little advantage my companions had just paid for. And leaping in silence I aimed the blade at the creature’s eyes.

Only now, aware that we actually posed a threat, the creature was alert and deftly caught my wrist in its other mandible, sending the blade clattering to the floor. The creature’s strength was immense as it bodily lifted me off the floor, letting me hang by my wrist as its red eyes mercilessly captured every nuance of excruciating pain as it slowly but surely crushed my wrist. In an ecstasy of enraged pleasure at my agony the creature pulled me close to its serrated beak. As the clicking sound that we had heard earlier welled up from its throat, I watched in horror as its cruel serrated beak began to open and move toward my captured arm.

That was until I shot the creature in the chest.

At distance my phases pistol had proven useless, but as the creature blinded by rage brought me close, I pressed stub barrel against the dark red skin of the creature and pulled the trigger.

Still working in slow motion, I watched as the charge leave the barrel of the pistol and burn into the creature with agonising slowness. The flesh boiled and burnt, the smell overpowering as the charge burrowed further into the creature destroying sinew, flesh and organs as it went.

Then all the laws of physics were broken at once as the creature howling toppled backward still mercilessly holding onto my crushed wrist.

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