HMMS Broadside

Day 324

Personal Journal Serene Falk:

Captain HMMS Broadside

  • Mission parameter – Hunting Ghosts
  • Classification Secret – Captains eyes only

Frying Pan and Fire

From experience there is often ‘A perfect moment of still’ before the heat of combat, conversely though the same is true when the fighting ceases. Admittedly these moments lack the nervous fire of battle and are more of a reflective silence as hearts and hands attempt to consolidate and come to terms with loss. Even so they are part of the healing process and no less poignant.

Collectively the Broadside had entered this quite moment and bit by bit as a family we were coming to terms with our loss whilst rebuilding the ship. Only, our moment of silence was cut short as it became apparent that our enemy hadn’t finished with us yet.

It began innocently enough with a spate of random thermal alerts and energy spikes coming from the sensors in the damaged section of the starboard plain. The external cameras and the repair drones picked up nothing so, the events were put down to the extensive damage the Broadside had suffered. But then in the quite hours of the following night construct there were two air shell breaches on the Starboard Plain. They were brief and the force shields that maintained our atmosphere quickly auto sealed the breaches, but with no viable explanation the ship board Marines posted a couple of patrols to keep a weather eye on the situation. In retrospect it was probably this caution that saved our lives as quickly following the air shell breaches the lighting began to fail and other main systems including the security sensors in the area went down.

At 3.32 AM I was woken by the Sargent at Arms and informed that he had as a of 3.30 AM invoked The Silent Quarantine Protocol on decks 12 – 1 Starboard Plain. This protocol was only ever invoked for one reason, and that was in response to a potential boarding by hostile or unknown perpetrators. It was a silent protocol as opposed to a general alarm to allow the Marines to quarantine the suspected area without alerting the intruder or intruders. Throwing on some clothes, buckling on my phase pistol and thrusting a long-bladed commando knife down into my boot, I headed down from the officer’s ready room where I had been camped out since the attack. Running at speed I jumped into the zero grav shaft where I was joined by the bridge coms officer Lar Shei and the reptile skinned Taren Black who had taken Cam Sheck’s position as science consult. Like me, they looked like hadn’t slept in thirty-six hours, nor had time to change their clothes or take a shower. Lar Shei, was a slender reed of a woman with white cropped hair, a titanium backbone and possibly the quickest reaction times I had ever seen. She had a short-bladed Katana strapped across her back and unlike Taren wore a personal shield generator on a webbed utility belt. As for Taren well, he just had Taren. As being a Leistarja, which was effectively a walking lizard his disposition came with its own inbuilt armory of teeth claws and tough scaled exoskeleton. I looked at my lowly phase pistol and knife in my boot and felt decidedly under dressed.



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