HMMS Broadside

Day 320 – continued

Personal Journal Serene Falk:

Captain HMMS Broadside

  • Mission parameter – Hunting Ghosts
  • Classification Secret – Captains eyes only

The instant load change on the twin fusion cores rattled the ship infrastructure as the singularity drive powered up. In a thousandth of micro second the space directly around the Broadside opened into a single but very powerful black hole singularity and we were instantly pulled through into a Galaxy quadrant approximately five light years from our previous location. Normally this is a perfect avenue of escape, as singularity’s or black holes cause such a strong inward vortex that tracking their exit space is virtually impossible. Well, that’s the theory unless something or someone jumps into your space and travels with you before the singularity closes. Seconds after our arrival the detectors went off the chart indicating multiple objects arriving in near space. We had been followed.

With the singularity drive still warm the Ai’s jumped to another theoretically random location, this time the lag was greater, but our pursuers found us again. The mass of objects appearing in local space off our port bow. Then the penny dropped and how could I have been so stupid.

The first strafing run had been a cleverly calculated ruse, its aim was to mark us for the Battleship that would have little trouble in dispatching us to the void.

We could run, but only for a limited time as the laws of physics and the critical power consumption required to create strong enough singularities are complex. In short, if you can’t provide enough power to the singularity drive it will still attempt to do its job. Only the black hole singularity it creates will be weaker. So, less power available, weaker singularity got it so far?  This was how it was described to me by the scientists that make this shit up for breakfast and apparently, it’s not a good scenario. Because as you cross the lip between the two locations, or Event Horizon to be precise the gravitational pull starts to balance in both directions which means in simple terms everything starts to get stretched. Now quantum machinery and star ships don’t like being messed with any more than the bio life forms that command them and by the chiefs reckoning the Broadside could safely jump seven times before the reactors maxed out and needed time to recover. So, the bottom line was we had five jumps to find the marker or markers that were giving our location away every time we jumped. Either that or face the wrath of the Battleship. Or, there was the other option of course. Get stretched out of existence across the Event Horizon


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