HMMS Broadside

The Lost Journal Series [Part of the Near Galaxy Saga]


Day 320 – continued

Personal Journal Serene Falk:

Captain HMMS Broadside

  • Mission parameter – Hunting Ghosts
  • Classification Secret – Captains eyes only

Even though we had been attacked without warning, I followed protocol and instructed Lar Shei to hail the vessel. Waiting for a reply we watched as the massive bulk of Battleship slowly brought herself beam on to us, an array of cannons and what I assumed were torpedo tubes pointed directly toward us. This in concert with the silence coming from com’s was answer enough. If I could have looked in on the scene from the outside it would have made an interesting picture, the first thought was David and Goliath. Only then reality kicked in and it felt more akin to a Sabre tooth tiger licking its lips as it stared down at a fluffy buck rabbit.

It was a fact, that for a buck rabbit the Broadside had unusually large teeth. But not big enough to even put a scratch on this beast. This was not a fight we could possibly win.

Then a very un-captain set of thoughts flashed across my mind that mostly consisted of “Run, flee and get the fuck out of here. Oh, and quickly before the monster in front of us opened fire”

Like all fighting ships in the Terran Navy, the Broadside had pre-modelled and programmed strategic and tactical manoeuvres plotted into the core of the Nav Ai’s. These covered every eventuality including the “Get us the fuck out of here” manoeuvre. So surprisingly, calmly I instructed Bonnie and Clyde the Nav Ai’s to expedite that exact scenario.

Deep blue space

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