HMMS Broadside

The Lost Journal Series

Part of the Near Galaxy Saga



Day 317

Personal Journal Serene Falk:

Captain HMMS Broadside

  • Mission parameter – Hunting Ghosts
  • Classification Secret – Captains eyes only

Today was quiet, still no coms from the Earth Bridge and every other ship board band is quite Which either means they are locked down under combat conditions and radio silence or we are in fact truly alone out here on the edge. I am not sure which is worse and I although I have resisted the temptation to raise the ship status to amber as per the regulations for nil contact I am very aware of our vulnerability out here. It’s true we are the fastest and most deadly in the fleet, but I have a feeling that means little to those that took down the Penrose or instigated the horror on Tellasion. Hux. has been good though, as have all the other officers, I just wish we would get sight of what we came out here for. Inaction is often worse than combat, as it gives room for the fear to take hold. Bring on the fisticuffs, a good fight is often the best motivator.


Day 318

Personal Journal Serene Falk:

Captain HMMS Broadside

  • Mission parameter – Hunting Ghosts
  • Classification Secret – Captains eyes only

Night Shift. Of course, night shifts in deep space are simply a comfortable way of keeping the day-night construct. But, even so it still feels like the middle of a real night and what’s worse the spurious sensory spikes being detected by the watch have my Ghost hunting instinct humming like a taught wire in the wind. It’s odd that the crew have no idea what they are seeing out there in the void, but I know we are close. I know the Ghosts, the ones that took my family and the other setters of Seela Vi. The Ghosts who left a defenseless child to bear witness to their horrific acts. Atrocities that burnt into the innocence of a child like a branding iron. They branded me alright, only they also left me with a sense of them that has been guiding us and ticks away like a beacon in my mind, getting louder and louder the closer we come. Mistake or strategy on their part I will find out why they have stolen so many lives. There is the possibility though that they are leading us into a trap and they could be responsible for the Penrose. It would seem to fit their MO. Conquer, destroy and abduct.


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