So why read at all ?

So why read,Books after all its so easy to sit back and watch or listen to something. Be it a story, a set of facts, humour or even poetry

But are we missing a real joy that requires some effort on our part ?

For me the answer is yes , and that’s not to say I don’t  enjoy watching films or music as I love them and they definitely have their place. But something extra kicks in when I read.

Of coarse, it does depend on what I am reading. As I am not saying I get excited by a technical manual or set of facts, although I am guessing some people may. But for me it all happens when I read something that touches my imagination or emotions. It is as if I become part of what I am reading as opposed to just watching someone elses thoughts portrayed on a screen. The story line may dance to the authors hand and the characters may be his manikin, but I paint the colour onto them and give them life. The stage may be his, but I build the living world they are in.

This is the beautiful relationship between the author and the reader, and it’s why when we pick up a book that those precious moments can feel so intimate. It’s what makes us want to curl up with a good book.

As a parting thought , ever wondered why after reading an amazing book almost without exception we are disappointed with the multi million pound blockbuster version that appears on our screens. Could it be that our own personal version was better ?

Go on pick up a book.



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